Monday, May 9, 2011


I am in Bayonne, not only navigating around this French town, but around this French keyboard.  (Can NOT find the apostrophe and for some reason you have to hit shift for the period)

I had a lovely time with my friend Diane--4 days in Amsterdam and 2 days in Bruges, Belgium, a lovely little medieval city.  I totally fell in love with Bruges, but all the time we were there I was so conscious that the time to start El Camino was drawing closer.  I felt nervous (still do!) but I also felt God kept sending me reassuring messages.

Diane lit a candle and said a prayer in a lovely Catholic church, which so moved me. Then in that same church there was a plaque that welcomed pilgrims from faraway. It seemed to be just for me!  The next day we met a Canadian couple that had walked just a little of El Camino and raved about what a great experience it had been and how they were planning to return in the fall to walk more.  Sunday night we worshipped in a tiny English speaking Anglican church.  The text was the road to Emmaus, and the lovely prayer offered by one of the members used the refrain Lord Jesus, walk with us.

So with these divine encouragements lifting me up, I am anxious to start.  Tomorrow I travel by train to St Jean Pied de Port and Wednesday I begin.

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